12 Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Completely Alcohol-Free

Because it's about the bride, not the cocktails.

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Plastic tiaras, copious cocktails, and sexy strippers—that’s what traditional bachelorette parties are made of. To some brides-to-be, that’s a recipe for success. However, if an alcohol-fueled night of light-hearted debauchery isn’t quite what you have in mind for your event, there are alternate options out there. 

Planning an entirely alcohol-free bachelorette party doesn’t have to be a struggle. Simply choose an event that you and your friends will enjoy and get started. Should you need a little inspiration along the way, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 12 bachelorette party ideas for alcohol-free entertaining.

Take a Spa Day 

The lead-up to your wedding day can be stressful, to say the least. Taking a much-needed day of rest and relaxation could be the answer. Why not book yourself and the besties into a spa retreat? Indulge in a few beauty treatments, perhaps even the odd massage, and add in a mocktail or two. Come away from your bachelorette feeling refreshed…rather than hungover.

Book a Country Cottage

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Picture the scene—you’re surrounded by your best friends in a gloriously cozy cottage. Through the window, you glance to see the great green outdoors. The icing on the cake? You can faintly hear some birds singing in the distance. Book a vacation cottage with your closest friends. Roaring fires and home-cooked meals, you can’t go wrong. 

Head to an Amusement Park

Are you a self-confessed thrill-seeker? If the answer is yes, having an alcohol-free bachelorette party will be easy. Why not plan a day-trip to a local amusement park? You and your squad can hit up some of the highest roller coasters and most exciting rides. Spend a day eating cotton candy and having some good old-fashioned fun.

Try a Group Cooking Class

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen or completely new to cooking, this next creative idea is a real winner. Learning how to cook a delectable meal with your best friends is the ideal way to pass a few hours. Search for a specific type of class ahead of time. If you let the teacher know that it’s a bachelorette party, you might be in for a special treat.

Attend a Show or Concert 

When was the last time you and your friends headed to a concert together? If it’s been a lifetime, it’s time to rectify that problem. Look for tickets online and find out what shows are going on in your local area. You’ll have a ball of a time and certainly won’t forget this entertaining bachelorette party.

Have a Glamping Experience

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You might not fancy the idea of camping…but how do you feel about glamping? Whether you’re living it up in a yurt or staying in a teepee, this is an entirely original way to spend your bachelorette party. Be sure to stock up on delicious culinary treats ahead of time. Why not take along some tasty BBQ food or even a few sumptuous desserts?

Plan a Mystery Night

If you love true crime, why not book a mystery night with your girls? No matter where in the country you happen to be, there’s sure to be an event happening near you. You can dress up and play detectives all night long. Can you solve the mystery?

Have a Slumber Party 

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The chances are that you were a teenager the last time you had a slumber party. It’s time to turn things around. Why not plan a slumber party with your best friends? Each of you can bring some type of yummy food and you can spend the evening relaxing and chatting. You may even want to plan a few games and competitions to get the party started. 

Try an Adventurous Activity 

How do you fancy getting your blood pumping? If you’re an adventurous soul, here’s a bachelorette party idea that you may want to give a whirl. Try an activity with your best girlfriends. You can book something fun like abseiling, canoeing, rafting, or even climbing. Take a look at the local options to see what works for you.  

Learn Some Dance Moves

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Why not have a blast while learning some new dance moves along the way? Taking a modern dance class with your friends is a surefire way to have an amazing time together. You can bust a move, all in the best company. Plus, as a bonus, you will be the star of the show when your wedding day comes around. 

Hit the Road Together 

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Do you crave life on the open road? If you’ve got a full-blown case of wanderlust, here’s a bachelorette party idea that is certain to pique your interest. Plan a trip with a couple of your best friends. You can head to some tourist attractions or simply discover new places as you go. Channel your inner Thelma or Louise (minus the crime spree, of course). 

Do Something Crafty 

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Finally, if you’re a naturally creative person, there are plenty of ways to spend your bachelorette party that don’t involve alcohol. For example, you might want to take a pottery painting session, attend a sketching class, or even try crafting. As the old saying goes, if you can dream it, you can do it. Look for group classes and get booking now!

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