How to Create a Comfortable Environment for Diverse Bridesmaids

Embrace every member's individuality.

Diverse Bridesmaids


Your bridesmaids come from different parts of your life; some may be childhood friends, sorority sisters, or work wives. Your bridesmaids are just as unique and different as the experiences you have had with them, and each member of your bridal party might have a different racial and cultural background. Your wedding may have traditions and rituals from your culture that not everyone is familiar with. Before the wedding, explain these to your whole bridal party so they can understand what is going on and actively participate.

While the wedding day is a big day for you, it is also a huge day for your bridesmaids. They get to celebrate a milestone for a cherished friend, and just as your bridesmaids are going out of their way to make you comfortable during the wedding process, you should be mindful of making sure they are comfortable as well. There are things you should keep in mind to make bridesmaids of any race and cultural background have an excellent experience as part of your wedding. Here, we've rounded up tips to help you do just that.


Makeup is extremely individual and not a one-size-fits-all approach. Different colors and formulas work for each person. Keeping that in mind, look for makeup artists who have worked with many different clients with various skin tones. Ask for photos that show the skills they possess for working with an array of people. 

“In my opinion, a true makeup artist who cares about their craft knows how to do makeup for a diverse clientele,” says event planner Nicole Harris. By having a makeup artist that can accommodate all skin tones, your bridesmaids won’t have to have uncomfortable conversations with makeup artists if they do not like how their beauty look turned out or have to redo the makeup themselves, which is a waste of money and time.

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Nicole Harris is the owner of events and wedding planning company Dreams in Details based in Beverly Hills with offices in Las Vegas and New York City. She has over a decade of experience designing, planning, and producing exclusive events.

Additionally, consider not going with a uniform makeup look where bridesmaids wear the same eye, lip, and cheek color. Have your bridesmaids choose looks that flatter their features while also complementing the aesthetic you are going for.


It used to be the rule of thumb that bridesmaids would have the same hairstyle. However, this does not take into consideration the various textures, lengths, and hair care approaches that each person has. One bridesmaid might not use heat on her hair and prefer a natural hairstyle. Others may have protective hairstyles like a sew-in, weaves, braids, or dreadlocks. Another may have a shorter length, meaning a complicated style that requires a ton of hair isn’t possible. Harris says to have a stylist that can do all types of hair and has the portfolio to prove it. 

Discuss with your bridesmaids what they are comfortable doing with their hair before the wedding, and do not make assumptions about what their hair can or cannot do. If you are looking for a uniform look, consider a matching hair accessory that each member of your bridal party can put in their hair.


Just like you want a wedding dress that flatters you, your bridesmaids’ dresses should make your whole bridal party look and feel great. Consider bridesmaids dress colors that flatter different skin colors. You should also select dress shapes that flatter their figures.

Harris says to embrace the mix and match trend. Many bridesmaids dresses come in different styles, but the same color, or the same style with different colors. Have your bridesmaids try on their dresses together, if possible, before making your selections to see the overall look and get feedback.

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