Everything You Need to Know About Acrylic Wedding Invitations

A clear guide to cost, mailing, and more.


Invitation by Yonder Design

You’ve found the perfect venue, hired the best vendors, and chosen the most beautiful cake. Now, it’s time to send invitations for the big day! But you can’t just send any old invitation—your wedding invitation should offer a glimpse at the style of wedding you’re planning while giving guests the most important information, all wrapped up in a beautiful design. 

What is an Acrylic Wedding Invitation?

Acrylic is a transparent plastic material that is stiff in texture and clear to the eye. The material can be used for wedding-day details such as invitations, signage, and more.

Acrylic wedding invitations may be just the sleek, minimalist option you’ve been searching for to make a statement. However, there are definitely a few things to consider if you’re going this route. 

Meet the Expert

Chris Neubauer is the owner of Yonder Design, a boutique graphic design firm specializing in branding for social events, with a focus on creating luxury invitations by combining a variety of materials. 

Read on for the ultimate guide to acrylic wedding invitations.

Which Wedding Styles Work Best?

The beauty of acrylic is that it’s incredibly adaptable. Acrylic is a plastic material that looks just like glass. However, it’s far more transparent, and of course, it weighs less than glass. With that adaptability, an acrylic invitation can be dressed up for a super-luxe design or dressed down for a more minimalist approach, ultimately providing an option to fit any wedding’s aesthetic.

“Modern weddings tend to gravitate toward acrylic more than any other,” says Chris Neubauer, owner of Yonder Design. And with that typically comes sleek lines. However, with acrylic’s potential for adaptation, Neubauer says the material can take on many other different forms. “We can soften up a design by incorporating moss, sand, florals, and other natural elements,” he says. “Acrylic invitations run the risk of being kitschy and theme-based if they aren't done with a certain level of polish.”

acrylic invitation
Invitation by Yonder Design

How Do You Choose the Design?

According to Neubauer, at the very most basic level, an acrylic invitation is a rigid, cut piece of acrylic with printing on it. But because acrylic invitations truly can come in so many different forms, it’s important to weigh the many design and material options as you make your selection.

“For weddings, acrylic is usually clear in color or a custom blend to make it seem like marble or quartz,” says Neubauer. And while a simple color option is a more popular choice for weddings, acrylic can be created in virtually any color. According to Neubauer, an ⅛-inch thickness is standard for acrylic invitations. However, the thickness of the materials can vary as well depending on your preference. 

For many weddings, acrylic is a great material to pair with other options for a more polished look. “More complex acrylic invitations involve sandwiching multiple pieces of acrylic together with other materials to create framed or layered effects,” says Neubauer. Acrylic invitations may feature two pieces of the material sandwiched together with pressed, dried florals, beautiful green mosses, or even a handpainted design in-between. 

Overall, it’s most important to discuss your design goals with your designer and ask plenty of questions to be sure you’re getting the best fit for your wedding’s aesthetic. “Something that looks pretty in a photo may be entirely different in person,” Neubauer notes. 

moss invitation
Invitation by Yonder Design 

How Much Do the Invitations Cost?

Just like with any invitation suite, the cost of an acrylic invitation option will certainly vary. A simple printed acrylic invitation will definitely come in under budget than a more polished option with multiple pieces or layered effects. Pricing will also depend on the quality of the acrylic and the cut. Some of the cheapest options may be cut with a saw blade, while higher quality finishes are cut with lasers and edge polishers.

“The price point ranges dramatically, based on the level of complexity and finish,” says Neubauer. “We generally suggest budgeting $50 as a minimum for acrylic invitations per piece.”

For a more budget-friendly take on this trend, consider searching independent retailers on Etsy or sites such as BasicInvite for premade designs.

How Do You Mail the Invitations?

If you’re choosing an acrylic option, be prepared to spend a bit more on mailing costs to ensure your invitations arrive intact. The cost associated with mailing acrylic wedding invitations will certainly vary depending on the size and thickness of the invitation, as well as the number of other pieces being sent out with it. For this reason, it's important to consider the cost of mailing in your original budget to avoid unexpected expenses come mail time.

Mailing these gets complicated and more expensive, as they need protective packaging,” says Neubauer. “Special boxes or padded envelopes are usually used when sending these out.” If you’re choosing an acrylic option, be prepared to spend a bit more on mailing costs to ensure your invitations arrive intact. 

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