The Best 90s Bachelorette Party Ideas

Let's go bach to the 90s!

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When planning the perfect bachelorette party, there are so many things to consider, from the destination to the décor—and maybe even a theme! Anyone who appreciates 90s nostalgia knows that a 90s-themed bachelorette party will be a blast; it's all about finding ways to evoke this pre-2000s era. From blasting classic 90s hits (did somebody say Spice Girls?) to decking the party space out in decorations reminiscent of one of our favorite decades, there are ample ways to go back in time with your bachelorette crew and celebrate those final days before saying "I do."

Here, find some of our favorite 90s bachelorette party ideas, from playlist inspiration to fun activities (like playing M.A.S.H.!) and décor options.

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Curate a 90s Playlist

First things first: Make the 90s playlist of your dreams. Whether it's a compilation of all your favorite boy band songs, a 90s R&B throwback playlist (we're thinking Destiny's Child, Aaliyah, and Brandy), pop hits from the famous NOW CDs, or a mix of everything, this is step number one in getting your 90s party started.

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Bring Out the Fanny Packs and Scrunchies

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It wouldn't be a 90s bachelorette party without fanny packs and scrunchies—the more colorful, the better! (Both of these items would make great party favors for your bach crew!)

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Play Classic 90s Games

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From Jenga and Bop It to Twister and LIFE, channel your inner 90s child by bringing a handful of these timeless board games that will instantly have you all laughing and recalling moments from your childhood.

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Go Rollerskating or Iceskating

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Especially if you're having a summer or winter bachelorette party, making plans to go either rollerskating (in the summer) or iceskating (in the winter) is a great way to get into the 90s theme. Take it a step further by asking everyone to dress up in their favorite 90s-style outfit for the activity—and don't forget to take tons of photos!

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Play a Few Rounds of M.A.S.H.

If this isn't a throwback, we don't know what is. Remember this game from middle school and high school? The name stands for Mansion Apartment House Shack—and is broken down into: Number of kids, husband, career, pets, city, and car. You can either buy pre-made templates like these from Etsy, or make your own as a group!

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Make Friendship Bracelets

Frienship bracelets.

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If you're looking for a fun activity to do at home, making friendship bracelets is the perfect thing to do together (and it's an affordable activity!). You can make the bracelets as simple or as elaborate as you want—and you'll all come away with some new arm candy!

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Decorate With CDs

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Remember in the 90s when you'd see strings of CDs hanging from the ceiling? That's the perfect way to decorate the bachelorette party space—you can either use your own CDs if you've saved your old collection, or buy them from a local second-hand or thrift store.

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Feature Boy Band Posters

Deck out the walls of your bachelorette party space with tons of posters of the bride's favorite boybands. We're thinking NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, New Kids On the Block, Boyz II Men, and Hanson—just to name a few!

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Take Polaroid Photos

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It wouldn't be a 90s party without polaroid photos (or disposable cameras). This is the perfect way to capture all the special moments of the night or weekend while staying on the theme—plus, you can all have hard copies of pictures to take home with you.

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Play 90s Trivia

Gather the party crew and test your knowledge of the decade with a few rounds of 90s trivia. For those looking for something a little different, you could use this 90s add-on pack for Cards Against Humanity—we have a feeling this will leave you all laughing hard.

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Buy 90s Snacks

A great way to stock the snack pantry at your bachelorette house? Ask everyone to bring one or two of their favorite 90s snacks! Ideal to eat while playing games or maybe after a big night out, we're thinking snacks like Fruit Rollups, Gushers, Bagel Bites, Cosmic Brownies, Lunchables, and 3D Doritos.

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Have Retro Video Game Night

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If you're hoping to have a girls' night in, consider sourcing some classic 90s video games and a few consoles. If you're bachelorette party list is on the longer side, you can make it a tournament (with 90s-themed prizes, of course!) and play late into the night. Think: Super Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Legend of Zelda (but the options are endless).

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Rock Mom Jeans

If you're heading out for a daytime activity in town, have your bachelorette crew bring their favorite mom jeans—or go thrifting together to each find a pair! This is, of course, the perfect clothing item to pair with your scrunchies and fanny packs (and don't forget to take group photos).

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Have a 90s Movie Night

In the mood for a cozy night in? Pick out your favorite 90s movies— think 10 Things I Hate About You, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, The Wedding Singer, Clueless, Runaway Bride, Never Been Kissed, or Notting Hill.

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Decorate With Lava Lamps and Paper Lanterns

Remember the days when lava lamps and hanging paper lanterns were simply the coolest? Grab a few of each and bring to your bachelorette party location to decorate your space—these will look awesome in photos, too!

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