A Couple Included All 8 of Their Dogs in Their Wedding Party

The story has gone viral on TikTok.

dog in bowtie on wedding dress

Photo by Emilia Jane Photography

Newlyweds all over are getting their furry friends involved in their wedding celebrations. From puppy ring bearers to signature cocktails named after a couple's cat, there are plenty of fun ways to include your pets in your nuptials. Well, a dog trainer just took it to the next level and included all eight of her dogs in her wedding. Not only were they present for the couple's ceremony, but they actually served as the pair's wedding party, with four dogs along each side of the bride and groom as they recited their vows.

Naturally, the video from the beautiful and canine-filled wedding has gone viral on the bride's TikTok account @thewoofpacknc with the caption: "Having your dogs in your wedding is totally possible when you have the right team!!"

The video shouts out to the couple's wedding planner, who helped execute the beautiful mountain wedding with all of their furry friends. Not only did the dogs get involved in the ceremony, but they also made an appearance in the couple's wedding photos as well. In the video below, the canines posed for photos and even ran alongside the bride and groom as they walked along their venue property in their wedding attire.

While most couples don't have eight dogs, this is definitely a fun and inspiring idea for other puppy parents about to tie the knot!

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