Here's What 5 Brides Wore When They Said "Yes"

Design by Tiana Crispino

The outfit you wear down the aisle is the one that's most likely to get heavily photographed, meticulously preserved, and passed down through generations. In fact, some say that it's the most important thing you will ever wear. However, we would venture to say that what you wear to say "Yes" is just as important as what you have on when you say "I do". Since proposals often involve an unsuspecting party, it's nearly impossible to prepare the perfect outfit, but that's why they're so special — an everyday look suddenly becomes associated with a life-changing moment.

We asked five brides to look back on what they were wearing when their partners popped the question and why it's still significant.


Cienna on day of engagement

Cienna Chung

"The day Alex proposed to me, I was under the impression that we were going to bring a tripod to the city for a fun little casual photoshoot (we did this from time to time) and later that evening we would be going to a Phony Ppl show. As usual, I spent way too much time doing my hair and makeup that morning, so choosing an outfit had to be quick, cute, comfy and practical. Black and white (mostly black) is often my default palette of choice — it’s classic and you can't go wrong!

Little did I know, the day I would start wear a ring on my left hand, I was wearing a black crop top, black and white cropped checkered trousers with my trusty pair of Vans and a black blazer in case of an evening chill. With Alex in all black, we ended up with some pretty badass black-and-white portraits that we cherish to this day." - Cienna Chung


Grier on day of engagement

Grier Munro

"I got engaged on December 7, 2017. My then-fiancé and I had taken an impromptu trip to Paris and that day, we had planned to go to Disneyland. The only problem was the weather, which was rainy and bone-chillingly frigid — like the kind of cold that electrocutes your soul. I was not prepared, but the Disney tickets were non-refundable so we went.

My outfit was equal parts making what I had work for the weather while still trying to look chic. The name of the game was layers — a beret from Nordstrom to keep my head warm, a Zara leather biker jacket with a shag collar layered over a turtleneck and three-quarter length shacket. On the bottom, I had on tights under ripped jeans (because I was that cold and that unprepared). I topped the whole fit off with combat boots, a cute little backpack and some houndstooth gloves." - Grier Munro


man on bended knee proposing to girlfriend

Courtesy of Telsha Anderson

"When Justin proposed, it was 10 AM on a random Monday morning at Soho Beach House in Miami. That day, he woke me up and asked if I'd get ready for an early breakfast and since I'm naturally a color-coordinated packer I picked a pair of grey woven straight-leg pants and a matching ribbed stretch organic cotton-jersey tank both from TOTÊME. For shoes, of course I wore a pair of loafers from Brother Vellies because they pair perfectly with any outfit. Before our reservation for breakfast, the front desk called for me to run downstairs and grab flowers that had been delivered and upon my arrival back upstairs, Justin was on one knee. Every time I go to grab those pair of TOTÊME pants or the top, I think of our proposal — a classic outfit for a classic moment." - Telsha Anderson


Samantha walking into engagement

Courtesy of Samantha Netkin

"The night I got engaged, I thought I was meeting up with my now-fiancé’s siblings for dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants in NYC, Le Zie. It was January and surprisingly the temperature was mild, so I threw on a pair of faux-leather leggings from Aritzia, a white cold-shoulder sweater from Zara, and my go-to Gucci loafers. Everyone (especially my sister) thought I knew what was coming because I chose to wear white and maybe on some subconscious level I did—it was a night 10 years in the making, after all." - Samantha Netkin


Tara on day of engagement

Courtesy of Tara Salloum

"In May 2017, we went on a press trip to Italy with Aperol. We were meant to go La Gallina, a beautiful Michelin Plate restaurant at Villa Sparina Resort in Gavi, but I was feeling quite sick that morning. I almost didn't join them, but something was telling me I didn't want to miss the opportunity. Given that, I just wanted to be comfortable and wasn't really up for dressing up. I ended up wearing old H&M kick flare jeans, a black Zara T-shirt and white Converse. 

My now-husband suggested we walk around the property which was overlooking the vineyard and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My friend was hiding in the bush and captured the entire thing!" - Tara Salloum

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