10/10/2020: What the Year's Most Popular Wedding Date Looks Like Amid a Pandemic

Real couples share their evolving plans for the highly sought-after date.

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“I chose 10/10/2020 before we had even gotten engaged because I loved the uniformity of the date,” said Rachel Eickhoff, 23, a bride-to-be who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When she started planning her big bash she discovered she wasn’t alone. “I realized that 10/10/2020 was getting booked and was the most requested day,” she said. “I am a very type-A person and love planning, so I knew that if I wanted the vendors, I was leaning towards making decisions quickly.” Her fiancé proposed to her at one of the venue viewings. 

Eickhoff’s experience is backed by numbers. Studies show that 10/10/2020 is “the” wedding date of the year in the United States. It’s also a global phenomenon. In Singapore, ten times more couples are getting married on this day than any other Saturday of the year. (Good luck finding a photographer or caterer or officiant!)

The reasons for couples wanting this day vary. Some, like Eickhoff, love how the numbers add up perfectly. Why not take two perfect tens and get to twenty? It’s an easy date to remember for anniversaries. It’s also peak fall and a Saturday. Who doesn’t want to get married on a weekend with colored leaves falling in the background? 

But most couples booked their weddings long before COVID-19 swept the world. We wanted to hear about their evolving plans for this highly sought-after date. Did they push their plans, giving up their rare bookings? Are they going through with it as a good luck charm in an otherwise unlucky year? Here are the stories of three real-life 10/10/20 weddings. 

Rachel Eickhoff and Jake Gross

The Original Plan

We booked our ceremony and reception to take place at a beautiful winery called Villa Bellezza in Pepin, Wisconsin. We ordered a two-tiered cake for the head table and then a dessert table with four flavors of cupcakes for guests. We decided on a mac n’ cheese bar at the end of the night. Our floral arrangement reflects the beauty of fall and includes large flowers with warm red and orange colors and berries. 

We also planned other small events hoping guests could interact and build connections. There will be a cocktail event the night before the wedding, a golf tournament the morning of the wedding, and a brunch the day after the wedding. 

The New Plan

In March, at the start of COVID-19, we decided to postpone our big wedding because my father-in-law is immune-compromised, and we didn’t know what the fall would bring. We decided we would do a small, outdoor ceremony on our original date, 10/10, in my parents’ backyard, and then do the large, “normal” ceremony next year on 10/23 where we will renew our vows. I purchased a dress from BHLDN to wear for the small ceremony that fit the bohemian vibe and saved my original wedding dress for the vow renewal. 

No matter what happened, our plan was always to get married on 10/10, a date that I had picked out over two years ago. 

This past Sunday, we had to make the challenging decision to cancel our small ceremony because someone close to our family tested positive for COVID-19. Now we will have one ceremony next October. This was an incredibly challenging decision because no matter what happened, our plan was always to get married on 10/10, a date that I had picked out over two years ago. 

Amber Pruchnik and Sal Longo

Why 10/10/20? 

We honestly chose the date because it was easy to remember, and it just so happened to be a super convenient day for us. We knew we wanted to get married in October because we love the fall. We had no idea it was considered to be a lucky day. We knew it was going to be a popular day just because, let's be honest, it's a really cool date!

The Original Plan 

We will be getting married on a farm in Sayre, PA. It’s the farm I work at and happen to live on also. We chose to keep the wedding here because it's a beautiful venue, and the leaves and mountains turn amazing colors. 

I am super excited about my dress; it's got buttons all the way down the back. I am also super excited that one of my close friends is making our cupcakes. We wanted to make sure there was a variety of flavors so we figured cupcakes would be the best idea. Flavors include chocolate orange, strawberry champagne, cabernet, and dark chocolate, blueberry lemon, and s' mores. 

The New Plan

We wanted to try to have as normal of a wedding as we possibly could. We spaced out our tables more, are supplying masks, and are having hand sanitizer bottles readily available. We just asked our guests if they are uncomfortable coming. We told them, "Please don't feel obligated to come, and if they are sick, to please stay home.” 

Jennifer Underhill and Mark Hunter

Why 10/10/20?

We chose October 10, 2020, because it is a long weekend here in New Brunswick, Canada, and it would give our guests that were out of the province an extra day to travel. 

The Original Plan

Our wedding ceremony will take place at a rustic lodge. The guests will sit in an area with rocks on white chairs, and we will be married between the trees. They have just changed colors, and the leaves have begun to fall. My fiancé’s father will be marrying us. 

After the ceremony, we will have a bonfire with hot apple cider and popcorn. Then we will go to a local recreation center that is being transformed into a vintage dining area. I’ve collected several different vintage pieces to decorate. 

The thing I’m most excited about is definitely my dress. As a plus-size bride, I had difficulty with the first appointment. I couldn’t find any dresses that were my style or size. But then I was able to find the perfect dress. It is ivory, off-the-shoulder, low-cut, with a long train and a beaded belt. I feel like an absolute princess in it. 

The New Plan

Three days before our wedding, we had a mild outbreak at a nursing home in a neighboring city, so we were scrambling to let guests know that if they are unable to attend, it’s OK. We completely understand. Some of our guests are out of state and out-of-the-country, and they aren’t able to travel. We have somebody who is going to do video and live stream the wedding for those who cannot attend. 

We have somebody who is going to do video and live stream the wedding for those who cannot attend. 

We also cut back our wedding list and decided on an outdoor ceremony. At the reception, we are now also having assigned seating. We have lots of hand sanitizer available as well as face masks. We are going to make the best of the day that we are able to!

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