• Emerald and Gold Color Scheme
  • Emerald green Bari Jay bridesmaid dress
  • Emerald green Something Bleu Shoes wedding shoes
  • Green Janis by Janis Savitt earrings
  • White and yellow Emily Thompson Flowers bouquet
  • Glitter and Grain garlands
  • Vintage-inspired gold and green wedding invitation
  • Gold and green Art Deco-style wedding cake
  • Vintage stars and moon cake topper
  • Gold and green Eleni's New York cookies
  • Philippe Deshoulieres white and green dinnerware

Wedding Color Scheme: Emerald and Gold

A rich jewel tone and a chic neutral create instant glamour.

Planning your wedding around a luxe gold and emerald green color palette adds an ultra-decadent edge that would put Jay Gatsby to shame. We found an Art Deco-inspired cake, elegant invitation, and more, that will amp up any wedding's glam factor.