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Like most brides, Christina was most thankful for the chance to share such a special memory with her husband-to-be, making each bottle of wine all the more meaningful. "It wouldn’t have been the same party if it was just me sitting around with other ladies receiving wine," she says. "We were drinking Chappellet, the location was spectacular, and it was just such an incredible event." At one point, songbooks were distributed to all the guests and a folk singer led the group of 50 in a sing-along.

For other couples, the coed shower acts as a precursor to the wedding itself—giving guests from different families and social circles an opportunity to mix before the big day. In the case of Chicago couple Allison Zisook and Ryan Goldstein, their coed shower was a fancy celebration with 100 friends, many of whom would not be able to make it to their destination wedding in Palm Springs. Since it was the only wedding-related event their Chicago friends could attend, the hosts went all out. Thrown at Hugo’s Frog Bar, Allison’s favorite restaurant, tables were decorated Moulin Rouge–style with glittery fabric and feathers, and a family-style dinner was followed by hours of dancing to a live band. The only thing missing was the pressure. "I didn’t have to run around the room and say hello to everyone," says Allison, whose 350-person wedding made their shower seem quaint by comparison. "I was able to relax and really let loose." Sounds like the kind of gift any bride would appreciate.

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