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How to Plan the Morning After Brunch

Next-day brunches make the perfect finale to your wedding weekend

If you aren't skipping town immediately for your honeymoon, spend a little more time with your family and out-of-town guests at a farewell brunch the morning after your wedding. It's a good way to say goodbye to the guests who traveled a long way to make it to the wedding. Some couples prefer to invite all those who attended the wedding, whether from out of town or not, to the brunch. If the more the merrier is your style, include brunch invites with the rest of the wedding invitations. Follow this recipe for success when planning your post-wedding party.

Host the brunch in the restaurant of the hotel where your out-of-town guests are staying, or invite everyone to your or your parents' home. If you've used a backyard tent, it shouldn't cost extra to keep your tent, tables, and chairs for the brunch the next day. (All you need are fresh linens, a neatness check, and someone to clean up from the previous day's partying.)

If you're at home, stick with basic breakfast staples like bagels, muffins, croissants, cream cheese, jam, fresh fruit, OJ, and plenty of coffee (though mimosas or Bloody Marys are a welcome addition). Or go potluck—people can stop at the local bagel joint before coming over.

Quick Tips:
- Create a casual tone for the brunch so guests feel comfortable wearing their traveling clothes.
- Make the brunch hours long enough to accommodate both early and late risers.
- Use the centerpieces from your wedding to decorate the site of the brunch.

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