Tilt-shift? Holga? Bokeh? No, we're not speaking a foreign language—these terms actually describe some of the hottest trends in wedding photography. Consult our glossary and, if you like what you see, discuss the possibilities with your photographer.


What it is: Multiple frames strung together in postproduction (to create the impression of video-esque movement

Medium: Digital

Good for: Sharing lighthearted moments, like engagement portraits and the first dance, on your wedding website

From the photographer: "You'll recognize animated GIFs as those old-fashioned, blinking Internet ads, but now photographers are using them as a way to be more playful with wedding imagery," (says Nate Kaiser of The Image is Found. "There's only so much you can do with a still image, so making a GIF allows you to highlight fun interactions with bursts of energy between people."