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Professional photography is obviously crucial, but lots of your guests will be taking pictures at the wedding, too. It just makes sense to see what they capture, especially since everyone probably will be shooting digitally, making it easy and practically free to share pictures. Rather than circulating random emails, provide a system for collecting these shots. Here are three ideas we've seen in action.


Set up an account with a photo-sharing website, like Flickr or Picasa, then provide your guests with a link to your "album," the account-access information, and uploading instructions. You can do this a couple of ways:

Send your guests an email containing a link and the password to your account, along with easy-to-follow instructions explaining how to upload images. Send the message the day after your wedding, or entrust a bridesmaid or groomsman with this task if you'll already be away on your honeymoon.

If you've already created a wedding website, include the photo-uploading information and instructions there.

Print the uploading instructions discreetly on an item of wedding stationery: inside the ceremony programs, or on the reverse sides of the escort cards, table cards, or favor tags.


Set up a station near the exit area of your reception site where guests can stop by to upload their photographs before they head home. To be sure they remember, have your DJ or bandleader periodically remind guests to visit the station for this purpose. There are two ways to set up a station:

Enlist a tech-savvy pal to set up and run a station equipped with a laptop and a multiformat memory card reader. As your guests leave, your pal can copy the images from their cameras onto the laptop. This way, your guests won't have to remember to upload their images once they return home.

Rent a photo-uploading kiosk from Canditto. The company provides a similar setup, but for a fee ($650). And at the end of the night, a machine will automatically store all the high-resolution images on a thumb drive for you to take home. The services are currently available in New England.

3. CDs

Set up a basket of blank CDs packaged in pre-addressed, pre-stamped padded envelopes. Display a sign suggesting that guests take one, burn their photos onto the CD, and mail it back to you. Create enough envelopes for half the number of wedding guests you are expecting (not every guest will bring a camera).

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