DIY Save the Dates

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6. Place the transparency sheet on top of the adhesive, and press firmly. (Caution: If there are any gaps where the transparency and adhesive meet, the sand and inclusions will leak.)

7. On top of the transparency, place strips of the double-sided foam tape near the inner edges of the frame, about 1/8 inch in. Make sure there are no gaps or openings between the edges of the foam strips and the foam on the frame. Leave the protective lining on the surface of the tape until you are certain there are no gaps, to avoid attracting lint and debris to the tape.

8. Once the foam tape is secure, remove the protective lining on the left and right sides and bottom, keeping the top lining in place.

9. Place the window frame piece on top of the back piece you made earlier, centering the window area over the wording. Press down firmly to secure it.

10. At this stage, the top side of the frame should be open and not adhered to the backing. This will allow you to insert the sand and shells into the window box. Use a spoon to pour in the sand (a little less than a teaspoon per card), then drop the shell in.

11. Remove the lining on the top piece of foam tape and press the frame firmly into place. You now have a custom save-the-date to dazzle your guests!

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