Create your own wedding centerpiece with a lamp and paper flowers

What You Need:

- White paper for flowers (Try: Echizen Washi Kozo & Sulphite paper from Thailand, style number M32 Gira-Ume, 80 grams. Each 31" x 43" sheet will make approximately 40 daisies.)
- Yellow paper for daisy centers (Try: Cranford Paper from the UK in Dresden Yellow, 150 grams. Each 20 ½" x 30 ½"; each sheet will make approximately 40 centers).
- Glue dots (Try: Note: Dots can be easily removed from lamps without damaging shades which is important if you’re renting lamps).
- A slotted quilling tool to help with rolling the yellow centers (Try:; $4).
- A white lamp (Try: Water Mill Party;
- Scissors & Ruler

Note: All supplies were purchased at New York Central Art Supply, For best results, if paper is purchased elsewhere, be sure they are the same weight as those used here.