• Chicken plumage, dried lavender, and dried hydrangea boutonniere
  • Shell, brunias, and alpine daisy boutonniere
  • Pulsatilla, scabiosa, and smoke bush boutonniere
  • Rosemary, oregano, and chive flower boutonniere
  • Bark, trollius, and fennel boutonniere
  • Thistle, flambés, and lamb's ear boutonniere
  • Zinnia and stone-crop succulent boutonniere
  • Succulent, grass, and a brass arrow boutonniere
  • Celosias, begonia, and gazania foliage boutonniere
  • Leucadendron and acorns boutonniere
  • Golden cypress boutonniere
  • Driftwood and Nigella boutonniere
  • River rock and cacalia Emilia boutonniere
  • Chocolate cosmo, blueberry, and lavender boutonniere
  • Lava rock, spray rose, and white leather cord boutonniere
  • Oat grass, flag and hemp string boutonniere

Unique Wedding Boutonnieres

How to man up a boutonniere? Taylor Patterson (of Fox Fodder Farm) adds suede, bark, brass, and animal feathers.

"I love this gray-moth hue and the pulsatilla's feathery flair. It has the fuzziness of a dandelion, but it's not as fragile."

Boutonniere of pulsatilla, scabiosa, and smoke bush, $22, Fox Fodder Farm.

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