• Pastel pink wedding bouquet of ranunculus, anemones, and sweet peas
  • burgundy wedding bouquet of quince branches, tulips, begonia leaves, and ferns
  • white wedding bouquet of garden roses, gardenias, tulips, stephanotis, hyacinths, tweedia
  • Cascading purple wedding bouquet of lilacs, ranunculus, magnolias, clematises
  • bouquet of
  • freeform wedding bouquet of Queen Anne's lace, poppies and chamomile

Wedding Bouquets by Style

Brooklyn-based floral designer Amy Merrick creates wedding bouquets for six female archetypes


The Bouquet: Crescent-shaped, all-white wedding bouquet of garden roses, gardenias, "Honeymoon" tulips, stephanotises, hyacinths, tweedia, and lilies of the valley, $300

The Muse: "A bride who loves vintage—I imagined Rita Hayworth in the early forties, with her hair down, finger-waved, sultry. This is for the bride who has refashioned her grandmother's wedding dress, and is doing a church wedding with a reception at a chic old-school hotel or restaurant."

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