Ideas for Decorating with Candles

Light up your affair with these fabulous ideas from Colin Cowie

1. Surround your centerpiece with votive candles. Figure on a ratio of one-to-one, with one candle in front of each guest.

2. Use at least two different types and heights of votive candles on your table.

3. Create a "candlescape" by using a combination of votives, pillars, and tapers.

4. Fill a large bowl with an odd number of floating candles and an odd number of fully blown blooms. My favorites are roses, peonies, and water lilies.

5. For a mesmerizing centerpiece take a series of stemmed glasses (red wine, white wine, rock glasses, and water goblets), fill them with water and float a candle in each. The different heights will look stunning.

6. Place a small floating candle in the mouth of a tulip and float it in the water.

7. Place a series of tea lights directly on a glass table, then surround the tea lights with rock salt, allowing for just the white wicks and wax to protrude from the salt.

8. If it’s windy outside and you’re using hurricanes, place a piece of plastic wrap over the mouth of the hurricane and make a small hole in the center of the plastic to allow for oxygen.

9. Gild a series of small and large artichokes, then place taper and votive candles in the mouths of the artichoke and set them down the table.

10. For tall, inexpensive arrangements on bars and buffets, submerge a spike of orchid blossoms in clear or colored water and place a floating candle on top.

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