• Ballet Flats Bridesmaid Gift
  • Salt Water Taffy Bridesmaid Gift
  • Seasonal Scented Soap Bridesmaid Gift
  • Monogrammed Jewelry Bridesmaid Gift
  • Pearl Necklace Bridesmaid Gift
  • Personalized Porcelain Mug Gift
  • Lipgloss Set Bridesmaid Gift
  • Accordion Calendar Bridesmaid Gift
  • iPod Mug Speaker Dock Bridesmaid Gift
  • Clothbound Novel Bridesmaid Gift
  • Monthly Journal Set Bridesmaid Gift
  • Simpson's Encyclopedia Groomsmen Gift
  • Branding Iron Groomsmen Gift
  • Tennessee Moonshine Groomsmen Gift
  • Knob Creek Whiskey Groomsmen Gift
  • Classic Swiss Army Knife Groomsmen Gift
  • Sea Mine-inspired Sake Groomsmen Gift
  • Wooden Tool Set Groomsmen Gift
  • Phone Signal Blocking Handkerchief Gift
  • Personalized Board Shorts Gift

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts To Buy This Holiday Season

If you're doing a bunch of holiday shopping anyway, you might as well shop for your bridesmaids and groomsmen at the same time. Our favorite department stores and boutiques are fully stocked with ingenious gift options right now—we've showcased the best ideas here.

For the bridesmaids

Beautifully packaged soaps from the gentlemen farmers behind Planet Green's Fabulous Beekman Boys. This set of 12 fragrant soaps reflects the changing seasons on the Beekman farm, from crisp wintry pine to summery thyme and mint. —Heather Lee

"A Year in the Country" soaps, $64, Beekman 1802

Photo: Courtesy of Beekman 1802