Don't want to exclude your dog, cat or even your pet pig from your wedding day celebration? You don't have to! We have fun ways to incorporate your favorite family member.

If you and your spouse-to-be share a pet, why not make them a special part of your wedding day? So many newlyweds have a dog, cat, or other animal to practice domesticity before children come into the picture. As you plan your creative wedding ceremony exit idea and unique wedding reception getaway, plan to sneak your furry friend into the proceedings! Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, pig, or even a horse, there are fun and playful ways to make it happen and delight guests. Wedding ceremonies can be highly personalized, and if you play to proper ceremony etiquette, there is definitely room for a pet. The same goes for receptions, receiving lines, and wedding photographs! We found real couples that incorporated their favorite animals into their wedding ceremony, wedding reception, and even their cocktail hour ! One bride and groom had their potbellied pig act as ring bearer, another couple rented an owl from their local Audubon Center to make a surprise cocktail hour appearance; one bride invited the horse she had since childhood to join the celebration, another let a golden retriever be a wedding ceremony VIP! Other brides and grooms had surprise appearances from their cat, puppy, and a rescue macaw throughout their wedding days! Whether you plan your wedding online or in person, be sure to consider these fun ideas to spice up your simple centerpieces, dresses and every other wedding detail.

This bride is a vet student, so her retriever, Luke, was a VIP in the ceremony.

Photo: Stacy Able Photography