Expert Cake Taste Test

Continued (page 2 of 3) This could make for a stunning cake—the coconut shavings are very unique and elegant. Plus, it’s nice to garnish with something natural rather than flowers made out of sugar. This would obviously be a lovely match for a tropical menu but it would also be nice with an Asian menu as well. One potential issue is that not everyone is crazy about coconut so some guests may not want any cake. Also, this cake is a little plain—I think it needs some fruit or a filling of some kind.

Real Bride: This cake’s awesome flavor blew me away! If I were getting married on a beach in Vieques, I’d definitely go with coconut cake. The frosting was sweet, smooth and creamy. You can really taste the coconut, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s a little too warm-weather tropical for my city wedding in a Manhattan loft, however. The coconut shavings on top weren’t just beautiful, they were delicious too.


Flavor: Dark Chocolate To me, there is nothing more "black tie" than a rich, decadent chocolate wedding cake. Though very non-traditional on paper, I really think it's as sophisticated and fancy as you can get when it comes to wedding cake flavors, without having to try too hard. Make it easier on the vanilla people by layering your cake not with chocolate mousse but with something lighter like good old whipped cream, or a vanilla crème infused with Grand Marnier liqueur. Despite the popularity of chocolate cake, I haven’t seen very many all-chocolate wedding cakes. It’s a bold choice but that’s what I like about it. An all chocolate cake would pair well with a more sophisticated and indulgent meal—I imagine this paired with foods like filet, lobster, caviar, champagne, etc. I think chocolate might be too heavy in the summer (as well as early fall, late spring) so it’s better for winter weddings. A dark chocolate cake would look very elegant, and those chocolate shavings could make for a simple garnish/decoration.

Real Bride: This go-for-broke, decadent cake would really cap off my already rich menu. I love excess. The frosting was decadent and rich, just what you’d expect from a dark chocolate cake. And the chocolate shavings on top clue you in to the richness you’re about to consume.


Flavor: Cookies and Cream Cookies and Cream is mighty tasty, and definitely an unconventional choice that will get people talking. It's very nostalgic and playful, and great for a relaxed, casual affair. It could work in the context of a fancier event as a groom's cake or to infuse the dessert hour with a touch of irony. This is a very sweet combo so it will be difficult to pair it with food (or wine). This flavor is kind of kitschy and youthful so I think this might work for a casual wedding or one where the guest list is on the young side (younger people probably grew up eating Oreos and cookies and cream ice cream so probably like this flavor). I worry a bit about the presentation—speckled frosting isn’t very attractive/appealing so if you wanted a more polished look, you would need to cover the cake in fondant, which will only add to the sweetness. (Also, with the Oreo crumbs might make for lumpy fondant.) I’m generally not into this cake unless the bride and/or groom really loves cookies and cream.

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