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A Bohemian Summer Wedding

With a little help from their friends, two Brooklyn creatives—she's a fashion designer; he runs an antiques company—exchanged vows at a sun-soaked seaside bash on the coast of Massachusetts

For Dane, it was love at first sight. He spotted Alison one day in his Brooklyn neighborhood, and noticed that her car had license plates from his home state of Massachusetts. "I couldn't stop thinking about her," says Dane, 34, the owner of an online antiques shop and a musician. "I kept my eyes peeled, hoping we'd cross paths again." A week later, it happened: "I saw her and followed her into a coffee shop, then tried to think of something to say that wouldn't make me sound like what I was, a stalker," says Dane.

"All of a sudden, this guy started chatting me up, asking if I was from Massachusetts," says Alison, 30, a fashion designer and former Project Runway contestant. "He was so sweet and smiley; when he asked for my number, I gave it to him. We went on a date that night, and the rest is history." Four years later, Dane proposed during a trip to Argentina ("I knew he was going to do it—I could see the ring box in his pocket!" she says), and the pair began planning a wedding at Dane's family home, an oceanfront Victorian on the island of Nahant, off Massachusetts, where they had spent many idyllic summer weekends. "We couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else," says Dane.