Ivanka Plans for Her Big Day

Ivanka Trump shares her wedding planning process, and helps you keep cool while planning yours

Brides.com: Did you have an idea or vision for the type of wedding you wanted before you got engaged to Jared or did it develop more during the planning process?

Ivanka: I’ve always envisioned myself having a traditional and elegant wedding, even before the engagement. Once I met with Preston Bailey and his team, I was confident he would take my vision and make it a reality.

Like a lot of brides-to-be these days, you are planning your wedding while juggling a lot of other responsibilities in your life. In your case, you’re a businesswoman in the Trump organization and the head of your jewelry company, the Ivanka Trump Collection. Sprinkle in TV appearances and the new book you just authored! How did you keep all of your ideas organized and the planning process on-track?

Balancing work and my personal life is always a challenge, but I have my Blackberry, [my wedding planner] Preston Bailey, and [my coordinator] Barbara Esses to thank for keeping me on track with planning and appointments. Plus, when you have so many other things going on you naturally avoid becoming too obsessive in planning. I always remind myself that it’s the marriage that’s important—not the party.

Many brides-to-be spend time flipping through wedding magazines, bridal blogs and wedding planning sites before they’re engaged and then during the planning process. Do you have any favorites?

Like most girls, I now keep copies of bridal magazines around to flip through the pages. The photos are great for inspiration. However, when I’m at my computer I’ve now found myself going onto Brides.com in between meetings. I particularly like their wedding count down timetables. They help keep me focused and on top of what needs to get done and when. (Editor’s note: We’re beaming! Wink)

Did you know which vendors you wanted to work with right from the start or did you meet with several vendors in each category—event designers, baker, music, stationer, etc? What was the most important thing you kept in mind when choosing your planner and vendors?

I had so many ideas and visions for my big day but I knew it was important to let Preston filter some of my ideas and elaborate on my vision to create something even better than I could have imagined. As someone who is so hands on with all of my business ventures, it was important for me to relinquish a bit of control and leave some things to the experts.

Preston’s list of vendors is amongst the best of the best. He introduced me to Sylvia Weinstock, who truly is an amazingly talented pastry chef. (She, incidentally, also made my brother’s wedding cake—the perfect combination of delicious, which is often overlooked, and gorgeous!) For my gown, I met with several different designers, but ultimately, it was Vera Wang whom I knew could capture the look I was going for. For invitations, I think that Tiffany’s is the best. I adore mine (which were just mailed)!

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