Great Escapes

Fifty ways to leave your reception

  1. Hot-air balloon. Ascent is usually limited to the hours when winds are calmest, like early morning or late afternoon.
  2. Horseback. Best accomplished in a rural setting, and with lots of practice
  3. Dogsled. Obviously, climate permitting
  4. Cherry picker. That big bucket on a ladder that the telephone lineman uses
  5. Cross-country skis. Again, you're dealing with the climate thing.
  6. Flatbed truck. Why not take the entire wedding party along for the ride?
  7. Tandem bicycle. A sentimental favorite
  8. Lawn mower. The sit-down kind
  9. Dirt bikes. Says "married, but still wild at heart"
  10. In-line skates. Check the road for cracks and bumps beforehand.
  11. Hang glider. Only for clifftop ceremonies
  12. Helicopter. Loud, bad for hat wearers, but very Hollywood
  13. Water skis. You need water (lake, river, bay).
  14. Canoe. Ditto
  15. Chairlift. Followed by a schuss
  16. Camper. Get someone else to drive, and start the honeymoon immediately!
  17. Taxi. Understated, but chic
  18. Skateboards. You get extra points for holding hands.
  19. Bus. Scout out a double-decker.
  20. Golf cart. For die-hard duffers
  21. Motorcycle with sidecar. Have him take the passenger seat.
  22. Covered wagon. A salute to your pioneering spirit
  23. U-Haul.(or Ryder, depending on your wedding colors)
  24. Streetcar. A charming urban option
  25. Raft. For the Tom Sawyer/Becky Thatcher in you
  26. Pony cart. They're not just for children's birthday parties.
  27. Fire engine. Make sure that you both get to turn on the siren.
  28. Snowshoes. Weather permitting
  29. Rickshaws. Be considerate to the puller—hire his-and-her vehicles.
  30. Hay wagon. Especially appropriate for an autumn wedding
  31. Vintage car. For a bit of wit, look for an original Volkswagen Beetle.
  32. Submarine. Just remember, there's nowhere to go but down.
  33. Catamaran. If you've got a big body of water, the most graceful way to go.
  34. Seaplane. Splashy landings
  35. Handcar. A small hand-pumped railroad car that takes real teamwork
  36. Gondola. The romantic's choice
  37. Sno-Cat. A rugged winter possibility
  38. Blimp. One caveat: where to land?
  39. Parasail. For safety's sake, try to locate a double seater
  40. Sedan chair. Depart like a pasha
  41. Ferryboat. Sweet and economical
  42. Surfboards. This is how Gidget might have done it.
  43. Paddy wagon. For newlyweds with a wry sense of humor
  44. Scooters. The anyone-can-do-it conveyance
  45. Caboose. Throw your bouquet from the deck as you leave
  46. Paddleboat. Only for modest distances
  47. Subway. For urbanites, the only choice
  48. Ice-cream truck. A nod to memories of summers past
  49. Sleigh. A couple of fur blankets will ensure a Russian fairy-tale effect.
  50. Tank. Good luck!

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