Festive Farewell

Dress up your wheels with these creative ideas

Wedding Flowers: Wedding Reception - a blue convertible decorated with silver Mylar ribbons and a temporary decal

A luxurious limo, antique car, or other special mode of transport will give you a ride to remember, but adding a few frills can enhance the romance of your getaway. Here's how to dress up your wedding transportation to ensure a blissful ride into married life. (Note: To protect their cars from damage, many limo and car rental companies have strict rules about what you can use on their vehicles, so find out what's allowed before you make any final decisions about your decorating scheme.)

1. Get a Handle on It

Tie bunches of flowers to the door handles of your getaway car. If you want fresh blooms, go with sturdy, economical ones like mums, roses, and carnations, says Diane Jamison of Diane Jamison Personal Flowers in New York City. Or keep it simple and tie ribbons and bows on the doors.

2. Let It All Hang Out

Wrap ribbons around the top of the antenna and let the ends flap merrily in the wind as you head out on your honeymoon.

3. Rise Above It

Fill balloons in your wedding colors with helium and tie them to the car's door handles, side-view mirrors, bumpers, or the luggage rack on the roof.

4. Get Hooked on Soaps

If you want to write good wishes on the car, pick up a bar of ordinary soap and get to work on the windows. To try something more exotic than a bar of Ivory, use a water-washable glass marker, available at a craft store or online. (Spiritfoam.com offers colorful puffy

foam that's safe on windows and clear-coat auto paint.) But skip the shaving cream—that goopy stuff not only destroys the car's paint, but it's liable to fly off as soon as the car speeds up.

5. Be Romantic

Tie roses to that fancy hood ornament.

6. Raise the Roof

Weave a net of ribbons, secure bunches of blossoms to it, then lay it over the roof of your car. Lash it down with ribbons tied to the luggage rack, side-view mirrors, or door frame (with the window partially opened). Though you could DIY, a florist's expertise might come in handy for this one.

7. Fill Your Plate

That's right: Your car can sport vanity license plates just for the occasion, so others will know that you are Just Married in the State of Bliss. Other tag options include your name and marriage date above and below the Just Married pronouncement. (If you can't find novelty plates at your local party store, Google "just married license plate" and explore your options.) Though the plates aren't legal for a road trip, you're in the clear just cruising down the block for the photo op.

8. Make a Daisy Chain

Consider creating a garland to deck the grill or bumper of your car, using either blooms or greenery. Fresh garlands have to be ordered from your florist, but artificial ones can be picked up from a craft store or your florist. If you can't use masking or gaffer's tape to secure them, garlands

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