White, Green, and Yellow Centerpiece

White, Lemon & Lime
Wedding centerpiece of eucharist lilies, viburnum, bleeding hearts, Solomon's seal, narcissuses, fritillarias, and sea oats, $400.

Vibe + Venue: "Even though this centerpiece is very lush, there is a certain amount of restraint—it's my take on seventies Japanese ikebana. I see this in an outdoor setting with minimalist details."

Tablescape Tip: "Surrounding each arrangement with dark gray candles in clear votives would be pretty."

Palette Plan: "A black vessel really makes the flowers pop. Or do a mango-wood bowl—the same color as the foliage—if you don't want black."

Similar Look, Different Flowers: "Green hydrangea would be a good alternative for viburnum in summer. Instead of eucharist lilies, you could do delphiniums in spring, poppies in summer, or sweet peas in winter."

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