The journey to the altar starts with one life-changing meet-and-greet

Finally Getting It Write

Kelli Bagley, 31, and Peter Rubin, 31

How they met: After years of going-nowhere relationships, Peter, a magazine journalist, finally caved to the notion of cyber-dating. The caveat? He limited his looking to sites that catered to singles in the media and arts. That’s where he met Kelli, an assistant editor at a publishing house.

Their dating days: After their first in-person date, Peter went home and told his roommate, "I think she might be the one." Within six months, Peter got a place of his own and invited Kelli to move in.

The proposal: When Kelli landed a plum promotion at work, Peter knew
it was time to pop the question. He asked for her hand as they slow-danced in their living room.

The wedding: Peter comes from a long line of justice-of-the-peace marriages, so the couple continued the tradition by making things official at city hall. A more romantic celebration—in the garden of a local restaurant—took place later, when an interfaith minister brought friends and family together in September 2005 to hear them renew their vows. —by Hillary Quinn