Roberto Coin on Choosing the Perfect Diamond

The master jeweler talks about his career, inspiration, and the eternal appeal of the diamond ring

Master jeweler Roberto Coin certainly knows his gems—his designs have been worn by Ashley Judd, Alicia Keys and Brooke Shields. Here, he dishes on trends, inspiration and why diamonds are a bride's best friend.

What new trends are you seeing in bridal jewelry?

Every country has different trends for brides: the most spectacular ones are the Indian bridal looks. In Europe everything becomes much more personal. The brides follow various trends launched by designers like me, and the creations are often made especially for them. The jewelry is very clean and pure. My Hammered Collection is very special, particularly for the way it's worked, and with diamonds and pearls it is absolutely stunning. White gold or platinum are also especially beautiful for brides.

What makes your Cento Diamond so special? Why is it a good pick for brides?

The Cento Diamond has a unique cut with one hundred facets, almost twice as many as a traditional diamond. This very special diamond is cut by the best masters and has a floral pattern. The word "Cento" in Italian literally means one hundred, but it also idiomatically translates to perfection. So this diamond represents the idea of having a relationship that is one hundred percent perfect. The diamond becomes an eternal gift to the brides.

What is your favorite type of jewelry for a bride to wear?

She should wear a beautiful pearl necklace or pendant with a pearl bracelet. And why not add a Cento Diamond? But most of all, I love it when brides wear a stunning wedding ring and beautiful stud earrings.

How should brides and grooms go about choosing their wedding rings?

Make sure that your rings fit and are properly proportioned with the hands of bride and groom. Jewels should always be proportioned with the body of the person who's wearing them. For the younger generation, white gold or platinum is a must. Yellow gold is classic and much more loved by the adults today. Whatever type of rings you choose, make sure that you purchase them from the most reputable retailer in the area and insure that he or she gives you good advice and service.

Your line is known for its artistry and craftsmanship. How does your collaboration with cutters and craftsman shape your jewelry collection?

We have a very special team at Roberto Coin and creativity is the best part of our lives. There's nothing better than seeing the pieces which we have created. Everything starts from a sketch which goes to the designer, to the model-makers and finally to the setters and polishers. We create about four to six hundred new designs each year.

Where do you look for inspiration for your jewelry?

Everywhere. It's part of my genes, my life and my Italian history. Italians have been making jewels for almost three thousand years. In the past, Italy was divided into small states run by kings and princes. Their wives loved to be beautifully dressed in the best clothes and jewelry, so there were good tailors and jewelers in every town in Italy. This tradition has been passed to the Italian generations for centuries, and that's why Italy is the mother of the fashion world.

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