Scott Kay on Choosing a Timeless Wedding Ring

The famed jewelry designer talks interesting metals, men's jewelry, and finding inspiration

What changes have you seen in wedding jewelry since you first started your company?

Ten to fifteen years ago couples would look for bridal sets—matching wedding bands. Today, people are very individualistic and want to own a design that speaks to their personality. The wedding rings or bands should complement each other but not be the same. Another major change has been that men are wearing more diamonds today and are caring more about what will be on their finger every day for the rest of their life.

Why do you think grooms are starting to take more interest in their jewelry?

Grooms today are far more conscious of their jewelry since they know the world looks at their watch, ring, band, cuff wear and more as an indicator of how successful (or not) they appear. It also makes a statement of their sense of style and overall personality without saying a word.

You have been called a trendsetter in working with both platinum and palladium. How do the two metals differ?

Palladium's only real point of differentiation from Platinum is the fact it presently sells for less and it isn't as widely known as Platinum is. That will change in 5-10 years.

Platinum jewelry is supposed to last forever. How do you keep your designs current while still making sure they are timeless?

Creating a future family heirloom means not following or leading fads, rather creating evergreen (or forever) designs that do not become dated or look too futurist or too trendy. Scott Kay designs are offered in eras, contemporary for today and tomorrow.

What kind of bride and groom to you design for?

The Scott Kay customer is a style-conscience and quality focused breed. Our customers do not follow fads, but rather look to tradition and heritage, and have a strong desire to own the best.

What inspires you when designing your bridal collection?

I am inspired by nature. Living on a mountain top has allowed me the creative freedom to look out a picture window or drive up the side of a mountain to find rare growing plants and trees or animals of most every shape and color. These works of nature are works of art and allow me true inspiration to hand forge old world designs that I hope will become family heirlooms.

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