• Curly Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle Idea
  • Curly Side Pony with Headband Wedding Hairstyle
  • Twisted Low Ponytail Wedding Hair
  • Braided Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle
  • Formal Top Bun Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding-Worthy Ponytails

These five DIY hairstyles turn ponytails into elegant 'dos.

The Poetic Pouf

WORKS BEST FOR Hair that's naturally curly or wavy.

HOW TO DO IT This tousled backsweep is all about extreme texture. To get the look, start by pulling hair into a high ponytail—front locks should be loosened to create height. Section the ponytail into four parts and tease each from root to mid-strand for maximum volume. Define curls by using a shine serum as you twist each ringlet around your finger, forming a spiral. Swarovski crystal brooch, reginab.com.

PRODUCT PICK Weatherproof your pouf with Salon Selectives Smooth & Shine Serum. This frizz fighter can be used on wet or dry hair to give humidity-resistant protection. $3.50.