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You've got day-to-day beauty down pat, but your wedding is the perfect excuse to try some beauty treatments that have always felt just a bit too indulgent. These five are worth all the fuss.


We suggest skipping mascara-laden spider lashes and one-day-only falsies, and springing for eyelash extensions instead.
The process: Individual synthetic lashes are applied to your natural lashes with a waterproof bonding agent. The pain-free process takes about two hours; results can last for two to six weeks.
Limitations: Oil-based products and mascaras will be off-limits, but the good news is that you won't need mascara with extensions—a definite plus if you're looking to avoid smudges at the wedding, or poolside during the honeymoon.
Cost: $250-$500.
Worth it? Yes; if your natural lashes are sparse and you don't want to deal with the hassle of gummy, hard-to-apply adhesive lashes (or risk having them fall off on the dance floor).


This time, go with a pro. Sure, there are quality, at-home bleaching options on the market, but we're looking for indulgence here.
The process: Variations on in-office, light-activated bleaching are offered through dentists and at tooth-whitening spas like BriteSmile, with a similar process and result. A hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied, and activated by blue light technology. The procedure takes about an hour, and teeth become about nine shades whiter.
Consider: While your dentist may charge more, you'll get a dental exam before the procedure.
Cost: $400 and up.
Worth it? Absolutely, especially for those with sensitive gums (protected during the procedure). Plus, yellow teeth are quite noticeable when you're wearing white.


The mishaps that can come with slathering it on yourself won't cut it for your wedding. Good thing professional procedures have gotten considerably better.
The process: You can either have regular self-tanner applied to your body, which can take an hour or more, or have a tanning solution airbrushed on, which takes about 20 minutes. Results from both methods can last up to a week. Consider a trial run after your final dress fitting; for the actual event go no more than 48 hours before the wedding.
Cost: $25-$80.
Worth it? Yes; a professionally applied tan produces a soft glow rather than obviously fake color. And—unlike a booth or DIY job—a pro can evenly cover hard-to-reach areas and avoid going overboard on tricky areas like elbows and feet.


Avoid the anguish and uncontrolled weeping caused by extended-wear extensions and choose clip-ons. You'll need about four extensions in back, plus two per side to avoid gaps. Remember to tell your stylist you want to use clip-ons before your trial run. And only go for 100 percent human hair, or you'll end up with a tangled mess.
Limitations: Hair needs to be at least four to five inches long. Those with very thin, fragile hair should steer clear.
Cost: Anywhere from under $100 for store-bought, to $800 for custom-made.
Worth it? Yes; especially if you have shoulder-length hair and want to wear it up, or add some volume to a half-up, half-down look. Plus, it beats growing your hair to an unshapely length just to eke out a few extra inches for a single day.

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