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Tips for Gorgeous Brows and Lashes

Nothing frames your face like beautifully shaped brows and thick lashes. Sania Vucetaj of Sania's Brow Bar in New York rates the methods for getting a polished look.

Beautiful Brows

Tweezers, held between the thumb and index finger, are used to remove individual hairs. Gentle on skin, precision plucking allows you to achieve a neat arch that's easy to maintain between professional appointments. Get an expert shaping once—then follow that line when you need a touch-up.

A thin layer of warm wax is spread on the skin; then a muslin strip is pressed down and ripped quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Can you say “ouch”? Though it's over quickly—five minutes, tops, takes care of both brows—there's a chance of irritation. If you tend to have bushy brows, the smarting may well be worth it, since you're left with supersmooth skin. When your arches grow in (it takes about 3 to 4 weeks), the hair will be fine and much easier to remove.

This ancient Indian method that removes hair by manipulating a double strand of twisted thread can be painful (definitely don't try this at home). The reward for enduring the 10-minute session: neatly manicured brows and nonirritated skin.

As a rule, brows should be colored to match the darkest shade in your hair—it takes about 10 minutes. Just bear in mind that bleaching is harsh— it makes the hair follicles fragile, so try to wait six weeks between colorings.

Feeling plucky? Try these brow-trimming tools.

Lash Words

Fake Lashes
A full fringe adds density to the entire lash line and is easy to apply—there's a strip you simply press on. Individual lashes can be used to fill in sparse areas and look more natural, but require a steady hand to affix.

Lash Extensions
These semipermanent, synthetic hair fibers are glued to each of your lashes; it takes an hour. Be prepared for glue odor and a hefty price tag ($250 to $300). The upside: Lashes last about six weeks before growing out.

Liquid Lash Enhancers
If applied daily, these vitamin-packed superserums claim to stimulate lash growth in four to six weeks

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