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Dry Cuticles
You wouldn't walk down the aisle with a sagging hemline—why wear a ragged fringe at your fingertips? To prevent roughness, push your cuticles back regularly with a towel after showering or soaking, but leave the nipping and paring to a manicurist—she'll be careful to remove only the dead skin, says Julie Serquinia, owner of Paint Shop nail spa in Beverly Hills. And condition the area by moisturizing with a cuticle cream or oil at least twice daily; Serquinia recommends Creative Nail Design's Solar Oil.

Stress-Related Nail-Biting
Break this nervous habit now! Try rubbing your nails with a few drops of tangerine oil dissolved in canola or grapeseed oil, suggests Serquinia. The fruity addition actually has an unpleasant taste that may ward you away from your fingers. A more appealing alternative: Wear a polish too pretty to ruin.

If discolored nails threaten to spoil your pale pastel paint job or French manicure, you can always go faux. But if you want to really jettison the jaundice—not just cover it up—take a hiatus from polish, advises Serquinia; your nails will be whiter in six weeks. Or try an old-fashioned brightening remedy: Rub lemon pulp into the nail bed or soak fingers in warm, soapy water garnished with lemon slices.

Weak Nails
Want to add some backbone to brittle or peeling nails? Nurse them back to health with biweekly manicures, making sure to file in one direction to avoid further damaging your already fragile nails. Apply a nail strengthener as a base coat—Serquinia recommends QTICA Natural Nail Growth Stimulator—and add a new layer every other day.

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