Try this easy-to-follow program created by fitness trainer and lifestyle coach Valérie Orsoni to help you drop lbs. and tone up in time for your walk down the aisle.

Want to look fit and fabulous on your wedding day? No need to spend crazy hours at the gym or go to dieting extremes. Internationally renowned fitness trainer and lifestyle coach Valérie Orsoni has created the Wedding Slimdown weight-loss plan for, based on her popular LeBootCamp program, which will help you shed pounds by making a few easy tweaks to your day-to-day. Get ready to reach your goal weight—whether your wedding is a year away or (yikes!) several weeks away.

How It Works
Do the six Quickie Strength Moves each week as you go about your day (or do them all back-to-back at home). Then make the necessary adjustments (noted in the "Step It Up" instructions) the closer you get to your wedding. If your wedding is within six months, jump right in to the "Step It Up" routines. And don't forget about cardio! Orsoni offers three fat-torching workout ideas to choose from. Nutrition is the third component of the Wedding Slimdown plan. So we've included a sample 4-day meal plan that represents Orsoni's balanced, portion-controlled approach to eating. No calorie counting here—and, yes, you can have chocolate! For Orsoni's complete, customized weight-loss program, go to


Targets: chest, triceps, shoulders
When to do it: every time you take a bathroom break

1. Stand about a foot away from a wall, and place your hands flat on the wall at eye level with fingertips facing each other.
2. Bend at the elbows to bring your upper body close to the wall, then slowly straighten your arms. Push yourself back from the wall a little harder after each controlled movement.
3. Do 20 reps, and repeat several times throughout the day.

Step It Up
Your wedding day is...
6 months away: Move your hands closer together on the wall (so your fingers touch) before doing the push-ups.
3 months away: With hands close together, do 40 reps.
1 month away (or less): With hands close together, do 50 reps

Photo: Courtesy of Valérie Orsoni

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