Wedding-Related Dreams Explained

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Delayed Gratification
Alys Adamski, New York City

“I had some dreams that involved my fiancé, John, casually strolling into the wedding two hours late. He never seemed to have any idea why I was so upset. Sometimes I would wake up crying, feeling a lot of resentment. But he’d react so nicely, always reassuring me that he would show up to our wedding and be on time. In real life, he is always on time and I know the wedding is important to him, so I’m not sure why I was having those dreams.”
Expert Opinion: Running late or arriving late in a dream is a common theme and is usually caused by feeling unprepared for a deadline, Loewenberg points out. “However, in Alys’ dream it is her groom who is running late. So the actual deadline she’s stressing about may not be the wedding deadline, but rather a self-imposed marriage deadline,” she says. “Alys may feel that John was either late in proposing marriage to her or that marriage came a little later for her in life than she had hoped; and up until the moment the vows were exchanged, she may have had an underlying fear that it would not actually happen.”

Clothes Encounter
Sophia Gibson, Philadelphia

“I had a dream about all my guests showing up in the same dress as my real-life wedding dress—and I was in sweatpants and a T-shirt. My mother was dressed as a widow, wearing a long black veil. Instead of the beautiful church I’m supposed to get married in, the wedding was in a warehouse, and there were mice! For the reception, we were all carted off to a Burger King–type place for dinner.”
Expert Opinion: “What bride doesn’t want to outshine everyone else in the room?” Loewenberg asks. “The pressure Sophia may be putting on herself to have everything just right is the cause of this dream. She might fear thaome may not be so impressed.” The mice, Loewenberg notes, represent all the little annoyances that can “infest” the planning process: “This is why Sophia is in sweats and a T-shirt; her mind is telling her to ‘relax’ about it. Her mother is in black because Sophia may sense that she’s mourning the fact that her little girl is all grown up and gaining a new identity as a married woman. Weddings are often a bittersweet affair for the parents. This dream is a heads-up that Sophia should be sure to give Mom the kudos she deserves for raising such a fabulous young woman.”

Sheer Confusion
Shannon Godfrey-Johnson, Hackensack, NJ

“I’m in a hotel room in an old building on a huge property where all of the buildings look like cathedrals. My girls and I are there getting ready. The lighting is bad and there’s old stuff (antique lights, worn couches) all over the place. My girls leave to line up for the wedding, and I realize my hair and makeup artists never showed up. I try to do what my stylist was going to (in real life she’s one of my dear friends), but my hair won’t curl and won’t straighten. I call her, use the F-word at least six times, and hang up on her. I put some water on my hair but it looks a mess. Then I put lipgloss on my lips and eyes. Yes, my eyes. All of a sudden, two friends come strolling back in, and I ask if the wedding is over. They say, ‘No, everyone is waiting on you.’ Then I realize I forgot my veil, but one girl says, ‘Surprise! I knew you’d forget it, so I brought you one.’ It’s really short with a huge bow. I say, ‘Great!’ and put the veil on my ugly hair and leave. I finally get to my wedding and it’s so quiet—everyone is half asleep, leaned over with their fists on their chins.”
Expert Opinion: The old hotel, lights and couches all suggest Shannon may feel something is starting to “get old,” and the stress from planning a lavish affair may be the culprit, Loewenberg says. “While having the perfect hair is important to all brides, there is another reason for this nightmare: Hair, to the dreaming mind, symbolizes plans and ideas because, like hair, plans and ideas sprout from the head. It seems Shannon is having difficulty ‘straightening out’ her plans and having everything fall into place just right. The lipgloss, as with anything having to do with the mouth in a dream, is about the ability to communicate. Putting the lipgloss on her eyes means Shannon needs to better communicate the ‘vision’ she has for this wedding to those who are helping her. All those sleepy guests are merely a reflection of how tiresome this whole ordeal has become. Nothing worthwhile comes easy!”

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