Top Trainer's Plan For Healthy Weight Loss

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8. Skip the liquid sugar. You may think a glass of OJ is just the thing to start off your day, but, in fact, most juices are packed with calories and often include added sugars. And don't get me started on soda. People who drink sweetened beverages (including iced tea and lemonade) consume an average of 330 calories a day more than those who don't. That's enough to add a pound of flab to your body every 11 days.

9. Beware of booze. I like beer, wine, and the occasional gin and tonic on a hot summer day. But alcohol and weight loss don't mix. Your body sees alcohol as a poison, and as soon as you have a glass of wine, your digestive system becomes all about getting rid of the booze—which means it takes everything else you've eaten and stores it to the side of your stomach. Booze distracts your body from the task at hand—burning off fat and building a leaner, sleeker physique.

10. Once a week, cheat. Not a great prescription for marriage, but a terrific remedy for weight loss. By giving yourself one meal a week where you can have whatever you want, you reward yourself for being a conscientious eater.

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