Conquer Wedding-Induced Insomnia

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Food for Thought

When the nighttime munchies attack—stress will do that to you—make sure you don't eat something that will make your insomnia worse. Here are some nocturnal noshes to avoid:

Spicy Bites

Pass on anything that contains jalapeños or cayenne pepper. These hot seasonings act as circulatory stimulants and raise your body temperature, which makes it harder to fall asleep.

Meat and More

Whether it be prime rib or chick peas, high-protein foods produce glucagon, which puts your brain on full alert.

Caffeinated Choices

No surprise here—caffeine is a stimulant that will keep you bright-eyed all night. So save that cup of coffee, diet soda, or chocolate bar for the daylight hours.

Sweet Treats

Anything with refined sugar—doughnuts, candy— fuels the adrenal glands, which will keep you feeling "high" all night.

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