Ideas For Your Much-Needed Alone Time

Head-to-toe remedies for keeping you calm and stress-free.

Sink Up to your Chin in a Warm Bath

Take a bath before bed to induce a sound sleep—now more important than ever. Add one of these: Origins Float Away Sleep-Inspiring Milk Bath or Aromapothecary Bath Oil. Sink up to your chin in a warm bath before bed to induce a sound sleep—now more important than ever.

Put on a Happy Face

Don't let an overloaded to-do list sabotage your bridal glow. Treat your stressed-out complexion to the luxury of a spa facial—without ever leaving home. Neutrogena's Hydrating Facial Cloth Masks are one appealing way. Steeped in a skin-brightening vitamin C solution, they come four to a box, individually wrapped. For extra comfort, warm an unopened packet in a bowl of hot tap water for five minutes before you start. Another moisturizing soother: Biotherm D-Stress Peau Sèche, with vitamins and magnesium, the mineral known to promote relaxation. As you breathe in the mask’s fragrant essential oils, you'll enjoy a calming aromatherapy session. Sco’s Deep Cleansing Face Mask is another two-in-one product we like—not only does it thoroughly remove impurities, it primes your complexion for further treatments.

Make Your Shower Serene

There's no doubt showers and tubs are perfect getaways—there are no cell phones or beepers to mar your solitude. Begin your shift from stressed to sublime with a gentle cleanser like Aveeno’s Stress Relief Body Wash—redolent of lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang. Bigelow’s Body Massage Soap is also enticing, both for its cleansing qualities and luscious mint-eucalyptus scent. When time is on your side, luxuriate in a bath scented with one of Aromatherapy Associates’ Bath & Shower Oils, also available in miniatures that come nine to a box. In either form, they promise to "relax, de-stress, revive and rescue."

Treat Your Feet

Whether you indulge yourself at one of their famous Red Door salons or in the privacy of your home, Elizabeth Arden has products to sweep you off your feet—all from the E-solutions Skin Care Collection: Mandarin Polishing Beads, a citrus-scented exfoliator to smooth away rough skin; Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask to seal in moisture; Pedi-Cure Heeling Foot Mousse to soften and fight troublesome fungus infections; and Foot Creme, an extra-rich moisturizing emollient. Go to to find an Elizabeth Arden Salon & Spa near you.

Do Some Sensible Exercise

One way to help yourself go with the flow is to unroll your yoga mat and unwind. To get closer to nirvana, why not add a little aromatherapy to your practice? Robin Whitney Levine, a New York City yoga instructor, has introduced a wonderful new way to relax at the Equinox Fitness Clubs. Called Aroma Yoga, it fuses the practice of yoga with that of applying and breathing in the aroma of mood-enhancing essential oils. "As you go through each pose, it's important to breathe fully and deeply," says Levine. "Inhaling the scent of the oils is one way to keep you focused on your breathing."

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