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Simple but Unique

We were inspired by the cleverness of this cake. Lori Ann Blethen of Wildflowers in Bridgeton, N.J., 856-459-3515, wildflowersbylori.com, used chocolate ganache frosting and let colorful fruits and herbs do the rest. The figs, apricots and blackberries add more interest than traditional fruit like strawberries. "The bride was Indian, her groom was Italian," says Blethen. "The cake expressed each culture in a rich, earthy way. Fresh rosemary and sage speak to the groom’s Mediterranean heritage; the hand-sculpted sugar gardenias allude to the bride’s Indian background." You can try this approach with a white cake as well, varying the flowers and herbs to match your own background and style. It's the surprising mix that makes it so fun. Price: $10 per slice.