Negotiating with Vendors

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Some tips on talking the talk, according to San Francisco florist Nancy Liu Chin and Phoenix photographer Keith Pitts.

Don't Say: "My budget is $2,000. What can you do for me?"
Say: "I love your style, and I think your photos are incredible. I'd like to see if we can work something out on my budget."
The Bottom Line: Don't bring up an exact dollar amount right away. Vendors are more likely to bend over backward for someone who truly values their work.

Don't Say: "I've got to have peonies at my wedding, but these prices are crazy!"
Say: "I love the look of peonies. Are there any alternatives that cost less?"
The Bottom Line: Be flexible, and the vendor will come up with creative ways to give you the look you want.

Don't Say: "This isn't going well. Maybe I should call my dad, the attorney."
Say: "This isn't what I had in mind, but I appreciate your ideas and your taking the time to discuss them with me."
The Bottom Line: If the vendor really wants your business, he may reconsider.

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