Listen to Your Mother: Eight Wedding Day Lessons

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Lesson Seven: Turn that music down!

Yes—there's almost nothing better than being alone in your bedroom so you can turn up Ricky Martin and shake your booty in your underwear. At your reception, however, your guests (around 30 percent of whom are probably elderly) are there not only to enjoy the atmosphere, but also the company.

Don't get us wrong; we like to pump up the volume as much as the next gal, but try to keep it to a dull roar. Save that disco-inferno atmosphere for your bachelorette party and let your guests practice their lip-reading skills at your cousin's Sweet Sixteen.

Lesson Eight: Slow down! There's no need to rush, rush, rush

Sigh. Mom's right again. Let us suggest a wedding-day extension tip: Every hour or so, STOP whatever you're doing. Savor that moment. Notice the looks on people's faces, the aroma in the air, the song that is playing. Then, look at your husband and, if he's not already doing so, make him smile. If you take a few time-outs, you'll never have to say, "It went so fast, it was all a blur." And while you're at it, give Mom a hug.

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