Destination Weddings

A to Z Guide to Destination Weddings

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H is for Hair
Pros of booking a pro: She'll know her way around a curling iron. Cons: She might be a member of the big-hair-for-brides club. If you don't have time for a pre-wedding run-through, avoid uncertainty by asking a stylish friend to do your hair and makeup. Choose a simple look, and remember: Practice makes perfect. The easiest DIY option for those who want an updo? A neat, tight chignon.

I is for Internet
Many hotel Web sites post menus, pricing plans and photos of ceremony and reception locales. Bonus: You can log on to message boards to read other brides' opinions of local vendors.

J is for Jet Lag
Falling asleep during your rehearsal dinner is a no-no. If you're traversing a time zone or two, you'll want to arrive at your wedding location a couple of days early to adjust to the local clock before your guests arrive.

K is for Kids
If you're including children in your ceremony, pick a date that allows them to attend the wedding without missing school days. Depending on how far they have to travel, that could mean sticking to summer vacation or planning your event for a long weekend like Memorial Day.

L is for Leverage
Planning a destination wedding with a lengthy guest list gives you bargaining power—especially if many of your guests are planning to stay at the resort. When you sit down to negotiate a contract, ask about possible freebies, such as an extra hour in the beach pavilion or free parking.

M is for Maids
Your bridesmaids are traveling to your wedding on their own dime (they're responsible for their airfare and hotel). Expecting them to drop a wad of cash on an elaborate shower and bachelorette party is less than gracious.

N is for Nonstop Flights
If you're hoping for a high percentage of “Yes” RSVPs, choose a destination most of your guests can reach via an inexpensive nonstop flight. The easier it is to get there, the more likely they are to attend.

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