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Charter Flights

Charter flights are usually organized by tour operators, and can offer significant savings over commercial flights. The drawbacks often include a lower quality of service, inconvenient flight times, and heavy restrictions. For a trip as important as this one, we recommend spending more for a ticket that affords greater comfort and flexibility.

Connecting Flight

A flight that requires passengers to switch planes at another airport en route to a final destination.

Direct Flight

A flight that stops at another airport en route to a final destination, but does not require passengers to deplane.

Nonstop Flight

A flight that goes directly to your final destination.

Force Majeure

A clause in an airline or resort contract that says the operator is not responsible for an "Act of God," which typically includes storms or war.


The amount of time between the landing of your first flight and the departure of your connecting flight.

Jet Lag

A condition characterized by fatigue and sleep disturbance (including insomnia) that results from air travel through time zones. There are several ways to minimize the effects of this syndrome:

Before you fly:

  • Adjust your sleep schedule so that it more closely resembles your honeymoon destination's time zone. If you're flying east, you'll want to wake up and go to sleep earlier. For those headed west, you'll want to shift to a later schedule.
  • Ask your doctor about prescription sleep aids.

During the flight:

  • Drink lots of water, and abstain from caffeine and alcohol. (Dehydration can exacerbate sleeping problems.)
  • Set your watch to your destination's local time as soon you board: The sooner you can start acclimating to the local time zone, the easier it will be to get on a normal sleeping schedule.

No Show

A passenger or guest who fails to cancel a plane, hotel, or car rental reservation. (A fee is usually incurred.)

Shoulder Season

The period of travel that falls between peak and off-peak seasons, when travelers will be able to find deals, but still enjoy good weather and minimal crowds.


Injection of a weakened or killed microorganism (bacterium or virus) given for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases. Vaccinations for tetanus and Hepatitis A are usually recommended or required for travelers who are bound for the Tropics.


A document or stamp that is appended to a passport, which authorizes the passport holder to enter a specific country, usually for a set period of time.

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