• Identification: Passport (with requisite visa, if necessary), driver's license, and other forms of valid photo I.D. (e.g., non-driver's license). If you've changed your name, make sure that change is reflected on all of your documents.
  • Vaccination certificates, where applicable
  • Plane tickets, or e-ticket confirmations
  • Frequent-flier cards and numbers
  • Address of hotel, with directions and reservation confirmation
  • List of emergency contacts, including U.S. embassies and consulates
  • Auto/health/travel-insurance cards and policies
  • Copy of marriage license
  • Travel guide, maps, and phrase book

Money matters

  • Traveler's checks and a small amount of cash in both U.S. and foreign currency
  • Credit cards and ATM cards
  • Prepaid phone cards (N.B., most hotels charge very high rates for outside phone calls)


  • Camera, with extra film or memory cards
  • MP3 player/iPod (Download audio tours from soundwalk.com)
  • Portable DVD player
  • Portable alarm clock
  • Cell phone (GSM-compatible cell phone for overseas travel)
  • Voltage converter (if traveling overseas)


  • Birth control
  • Aspirin
  • Bug repellent
  • Prescription drugs
  • Melatonin (to combat jet lag)
  • An antibiotic (if you're prone to urinary tract infections)
  • Anti-diarrhea tablets (to combat traveler's diarrhea)

Fun Stuff

  • Scented candles
  • Massage kit
  • Special lingerie
  • Romantic tunes
  • A book of poetry, DVDs of your favorite romantic movies
  • Romantic novels
  • Vacation-specific gear: golf clubs, skis, snowboards, etc.
  • An extra duffel bag for souvenirs and gifts
  • Stationary: Long plane trips are the perfect time to dash off thank-you cards to wedding guests.
  • A lightweight duffle bag, which you can stow in your main suitcase on the way there, tote back new purchases and avoid fees for suitcases over the airline weight requirements.

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