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The Great Honeymoon Debate

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Couples clash over where to honeymoon all the time, stresses Duff Pacifico, a certified travel counselor at Tzell Travel Group in New York City, with the most common disagreement being beach versus something more active. Pacifico says she listens quietly, then tries to come up with a locale that will make both parties happy. “If the problem is Caribbean versus Europe, I’ve suggested Italy, where they can do the Amalfi Coast, then Rome and Florence, or the South of France and Paris,” she says. “I had one couple who argued with me on the phone over France versus Italy, so I recommended they go to Paris first, then take the Venice-Simplon Orient Express to Venice. They loved the idea.”

Rebecca and William used a similar approach. “We searched the globe via the Internet to see what was out there,” William says. She proposed Iceland since it’s “pretty close, but off the beaten track.” He countered with Thailand, lured by its combo of sun and ecotourism. Their solution: Brazil. William’s beach fix is being met with stays at Miramar Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro and Hotel Catharina Paraguacu in the colonial city of Salvador. Then, the couple will go on a jungle adventure in a floating cabin at Uakari Lodge in Mamiraua Reserve, the largest area of protected Amazonian rainforest. “It was a ‘That’s it!’ kind of moment,” she says. “We don’t even feel like we compromised because we landed on something we both wanted.”

Darensburg insists such give-and-take is key—and that it can reveal worlds of possibility. Pacifico also preaches compromise, warning against one party giving in to the other’s wishes. “I had a couple that did that and the bride kept calling it ‘his honeymoon’ while adding, ‘next year we’ll go on ‘my honeymoon,’” Pacifico recalls. “I never heard back from them—uh-oh!”

Split Decision
Maureen Brennan and Matt Borowicz, a Chicago couple who married and honeymooned in June 2008, may have found compromise nirvana. But the discussions went round and round for several months, says Maureen, a marketing specialist, complicated by the fact that they both are well-traveled. The duo had once lived in Australia and had already visited Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore, so they each had set ideas about where they wanted to go: “I’d say Africa and he’d say Greece,” recalls Maureen. And they’d end up in a deadlock. Fueling the face-off was Matt’s hesitation about the medications required for Africa. “I don’t want to be sick at my wedding!” Maureen recalls him saying. So she did some research and was happy to tell him that the shots they’d get beforehand, as well as the new malaria medicines they’d take while there, have few side effects. She, in turn, decided to relax her opposition to beach time. Her strategy worked. Matt, a special-ed teacher, had a sudden realization and suggested that they do both, since they were fortunate to have the funds and more than two weeks off (the average honeymoon is eight days). A travel agent Maureen called said the Greece/South Africa combo was doable—and that conveniently, both are in the same time zone.

Honeymoon Ideas
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