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The Great Honeymoon Debate

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By August—just one month before their wedding—they still hadn’t nailed down the plan. And they were worn out.

Desperate to make a decision, the couple arranged a three-way conference call with a travel agent. He said that Los Cabos, Mexico was fine that time of year and priced out an all-inclusive resort. It was within their budget and sounded blissfully easy. So right after their wedding, they headed to Riu Palace in Cabo San Lucas, where they relaxed in a seaside suite, Jet-Skied, enjoyed massages at the spa and sipped cocktails at the swim-up bar. “After months and months, it all happened in one day,” Stephanie marvels.

By making lists of possibilities, Stephanie and Zachary tried to resolve their battle the right way, says Paulette Darensburg, a honeymoon specialist at Protravel International in Beverly Hills, but in their grasping for a solution they let emotions get in the way. She suggests you initially sit down together, determine a budget and a list of essentials—beach, hiking, a place new to both of you—as well as things you can live without before calling a travel agent. “That way, the professional knows what you want and can recommend spots you never even thought of,” she says.

The Art of Compromise

Destination friction is familiar terrain for Rebecca Booker, who works for a nonprofit in Washington, DC, and her fiancé, William Mellema, a solar-energy engineer. “We’ve always had opposite ideas of vacation,” Rebecca says. “He’ll suggest a beach and I’ll suggest not-a-beach, then we have to negotiate our way around it.” William notes, “You can add it to the list of things we’re not always in agreement with—but it’s a healthy conflict.”

Rebecca, who has an appetite for adventure, vividly recalls the initial clash over their July 2009 honeymoon: “I said, ‘Let’s go on an African safari!’ He countered with, ‘How about an all-inclusive resort in Mexico?’ I laughed and said, ‘What are you, 19 and on spring break?’ He replied, ‘Do you not understand the concept of relaxing?’”

Rebecca is the first to admit that she gets bored sitting in the sand, while “Billy loves his beach chair.” Notes William: “I enjoy the outdoors as much as anyone, but for the honeymoon I was thinking more R&R than hiking boots.”

Rebecca would not give in. She viewed a safari as “an amazing adventure...and a honeymoon should be spectacular.” William saw her point, but since he had some close friends planning a safari for 2012, he wanted to hold off so he and Rebecca could join them then. Thus, the hunt for a new plan began—and they were not alone in their quest.

Honeymoon Ideas
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