Honeymoon Ideas & Answers

Tips for Packing for Your Honeymoon

Bag designer Stephanie Johnson describes her methods and what you need to take

Packing for a trip is not always easy. You don't want over pack, but you don't want to under pack either. And when flying off to your honeymoon destination you want to make sure you have everything you need for the perfect vacation. We asked Stephanie Johnson, owner of the eponymous cosmetic and travel bag line, and a traveling anthropologist, what you should include in your suitcase and carry-on as well as which types of bags you should pack your travel essentials in. Here's what she had to say:

What are some essential items that you must include when packing for your honeymoon?

I'm partial to warm weather for a honeymoon so that being said, an Eres bikini or two or three, metallic sandals that work with everything, a Calypso dress, camera, and tons of sunscreen. I would pack minimal toiletries and makeup and lots of clear pouches full of lip balms, hair elastics and sun lotion, they are great for your carry-on and poolside.

Are there any secrets to packing one suitcase and making everything fit?

I always make a list before I pack and then I stick to it. Shoes always on the bottom. I like to pack in small, neat stacks: t-shirt stack, pants, dresses etc. Then undies, socks and bikinis go in flat zip pouches. It's easier to unpack this way too. You don't need much on a tropical island so packing light is easy. A beach caftan can work every day.

What should you pack in a carry-on and what should leave out?

My carry-on is reserved for anything I will need for the flight (the longer the flight the heavier the bag!) and any 'emergency' items that will come in handy. Clean undies and a t-shirt are small and will come in handy if your luggage is delayed for a reason. If we are checking in early to a resort I have my swimsuit in my carry-on too. I always pack my phone and chargers in the carry-on just in case. I always have either a pashmina or a cashmere hoodie on the plane with me as well as a bottle of water that can be refill throughout the flight. Flying is usually when I catch up on my fashion so I might have 20 magazines and a paperback on the plane with me. Toothbrush and toothpaste are also key to feeling fresh before you land. Just make sure to pack the travel size toothpaste!

When shopping for toiletry bags and luggage, what should one look for?

Organization and style! I like to look for bags that could have multiple functions. I designed all my Stephanie Johnson bags to match one another and each has a different purpose. Our Jenny Train Case is a must for the necessities like shampoo, condition, moisturizers, etc. And a Steph&Co. clear tube is always stashed under my sink kitted out with all my sun lotions and lip balms. I use our Erela Oval Train Case to house all my camera memory cards, extra batteries, and all my chargers!

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