Explain This Label: Towels

Pile and material options decoded

EGYPTIAN Named for the place where the cotton is grown—the good stuff comes from along the Nile, although any cotton grown in the country can be labeled "Egyptian." It's prized for its softness and long fibers.

TURKISH These towels are created with very long, fine fibers which are grown around the country of Turkey. Known for their durability, Turkish towels also have a natural sheen and become increasingly absorbent after being washed.

ZERO-TWIST This recent technological innovation uses a special yarn that is wrapped around cotton fibers and then dissolved away to create untwisted cotton loops. These absorbent towels dry very fast and are among the softest available.

TERRY A looped pile made of yarns. The quality of the terry is determined by the number of threads, or plys, that are twisted together to make up that yarn. The thicker the threads in the yarn, and the closer the yarns are, the softer the towel.

BAMBOO Most are a combination of bamboo and cotton fibers blended to create towels so absorbent and soft that they won our interoffice dry-off competition. While not a scientific test, we agreed this antibacterial product is worth all the hype.

SUPIMA Pima cotton is grown in several countries, including the U.S.A. "Supima" towels are created from 100 percent pima cotton, from one of about 300 U.S. mills recognized for their high quality standards.

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