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Tyler Florence on Registering for Great Cookware

The celebrity chef talks essential gadgets, different materials, and what stores to pick

Tyler Florence is a celebrity chef and cookbook author (Tyler Florence's Real Kitchen, Eat This Book, and Tyler's Ultimate). You may recognize him from the Food Network series "Food 911," "How to Boil Water," and "Tyler's Ultimate." What better person to help you decide what cooking tools and gadgets you should register for than him? I had a chance to ask Tyler how a couple should determine which items will be best for their home as well as some tips on what to look for when registering for cookware and kitchen items. Here's what he had to say:

There are so many kitchen-related items that a couple could add to their registry (appliances, cookware, gadgets, etc). Are there any items that every kitchen must have?

I think that everybody needs a stick blender. Chefs use them all of the time, myself included, and I find that people generally leave them off of their gadget list.

When shopping for cookware, what product details, like non-stick or copper, should one look for? Are there specific benefits to one type over another?

The best thing you can do when shopping for cookware is do your research. Non-stick pieces serve a definite purpose and might be the best fit for you. Then again, copper offers amazing conductivity and has a great look that you might love. There's traditional stainless and then hard anodized cookware too. Each has its own unique characteristics. My advice is to do some research and then head to a store and run through all of your options with a sales professional.

Is it more important to determine your entertaining style or your cooking style when deciding what to register for?

To make the best use of your time and money and really wow your guests, your cooking styles and entertaining styles should be in tune with each other. Identify your style and register on parallel tracks. Identify the basics in each category and then register for them simultaneously. You don't want to have all of the cookware to make a great meal and then serve them on paper plates!

If one is a cooking novice, what's the best way to get more comfortable in the kitchen?

My best advice is just to dive in. Gear up, grab a cookbook and go for it!

What are your top dos and don'ts for registering/shopping for kitchenware?

The best thing you can do is register somewhere that has plenty of options. Your home is not going to be stocked with just one or two brands that will cover all of your needs. Rather, you need to have access to a broad spectrum of products to make sure your registry matches all of your needs. And I'd definitely urge you to stay away from registering with stores that are not familiar to your friends and family. Just as if they were buying for themselves, you want them to feel confident in the store from which they are buying for you.

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