fashion is an art of observering

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fashion is an art of observering
Posted: Dec 25, 2013 3:57 AM

fashion needs serious observation to be paid,while a common people can only fetch limited subsets of knowledge in it,an export understand the truth.this is indeed an art,and art is known a work even a bit of domain of them requries day and day endless working(just thinking of forming a realism firm,a mgr would know that everything should be detailedly devolved to an department)usually a group of people striks for days or weeks to come out an ideas or a working scheme.

( truely an art of godlike work ,we found it at , a fashion online shop named prettytailor )

observation is just an essential ability of all fashion experts.thinking and alyzing on larget amount of exsiting things and fetch the abstractness is the main work.but this cause many problems for a thinker,for example,novel writters and painter share a lot in commons,they are the poulation of people who sell their soul to the demon,they put on work day after day over regardless of their family members,their friend,just to build a visual art work world,they lost in thoughts day and day,hunting a bit light from the endless darkness of the inspiration the god might gave to them,and that work is so messy fulling of lots of things,they suffers big stress while doing so,finally they get tired with pokes and relations to the world outwards thus finally treating them in a despised manner,the commons cant always understand fully a novel writter or a painter from inside.

so when surfuring on the internet or a fashion magzine,just learn to respect a fashion artiest and their ideas,especially when they are first brought by the writter,its values may worth a wirtter for their half in painter area,a painter of a special sytle(like abstractionism) extractly show its value,a photographic pixly auther(they both take the author 2 much work on observation)

( let it flow over our heart,we just need share its beauty, above also taken from prettytailor fashion of its prom dress dir )

so what may becomes the fashion ideas after long daunting thoughts and intrendly accepted by public?
it should be fresh new and stunning special,surely,it dont mean for strange.a stunning new ideas usually show its reasonabilities easily fade into their deepwards.
it should do good to the readers to obtain,should be close to life fashion.
it should express sensen of dacedes needs for or from a given age population.
and much i stated in the beginning:every bit of domains procedure needs a lot man-year s work,like fashion everything.


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