Need to locate somebody before your wedding? New TNT show wants to help....

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Need to locate somebody before your wedding? New TNT show wants to help....
Posted: Nov 13, 2013 2:51 PM

I hope you all don't consider this a solicitation or an ad, as this is a really cool, free opportunity for people who might need help before their wedding wedding day.

My name is Greg Feltes. I'm an associate producer and part of an investigative team for a new TNT show. “APB” features Troy Dunn, the nation’s foremost expert in locating and reuniting long-lost persons. It all started in 1990, when Troy's mother (who was adopted as a baby) asked him to help her locate her biological family. That single event inspired him to build an organization that had a sole focus - helping people reunite with long lost friends and family members. Over the past 24 years, Troy and his team have assisted thousands of people worldwide in doing just that. Now, we will be able to document his amazing work on TNT!

We thought it would be a compelling story to help a bride or groom who wants to make sure a long lost relative or friend is at their wedding. In addition to making the dream of finding someone come true, selected participants will have their story told on a major cable network, and receive services that would otherwise be out of their reach.

If you have any interest or want to make sure this is legit, you can google APB with Troy Dunn for more info on him or the show. Then please contact me at 323-904-4680 (ext 1178) or shoot me an with some brief background on who'd you like to locate so I can tell you about our process.


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